Paul McCartney Urges Pet Blood Bank to Take Better Care of the Dogs

A man’s best friend. Paul McCartney is regulating his voice to pronounce adult for animals that are allegedly not being scrupulously cared for during The Pet Blood Bank in Cherokee, Texas. The former Beatles member teamed adult with PETA to coop a minute on Tuesday, Oct 10, propelling a association to scrupulously caring for a 150 Greyhounds that are underneath their supervision.

After Patterson Veterinary Supply — a association that distributes a blood products — corroborated out on a initial guarantee to safeguard improved caring for a dogs, a thespian urged a CEO, James Wiltz, to step in.

“I am essay to interest to we to step up, make good on your progressing pledge, and rescue a dogs whose blood your association has used for many years, meaningful that these 150 or so dogs — who were authorised to get into abominable figure and who are now kept in a-mile­less-than-ideal condition — helped your business during a cost to their wellbeing,” McCartney wrote.

“I join my friends during PETA in seeking we to compensate these Greyhounds back, and to let them retire from a dirt-floored, empty conditions in that they are kept removed and alone, some of them enslaved during a walk of a chairman entrance to take their blood again and again,” a 18-time Grammy Award leader wrote. “They had a tough life on a racetrack, and they will die though adore if left where they are.”

An exposé published by PETA and The Washington Post detailed a conditions during a facility, including photographs that were taken by a former employee. The thespian added: “I’ve seen cinema of how they have suffered from nails that have grown behind into their duke pads, as good as from putrescent gums and rotted teeth, and I’m told that some have apparently even died from a miss of water.”

He continued, “Good people, veteran Greyhound rescuers, are station by to place these dogs in good homes and to ride them to those homes during no cost to anyone. Please do a right thing and win a support of all kind veterinarians and all kind souls a whole universe over.”

“I have had dogs given we was a child and desired them all dearly, including Martha who was my messenger for about 15 years and about whom we wrote a strain ‘Martha, My Dear.’ I’m certain we know that dogs need love and comfort—a bed to distortion on, regard in a winter, a event to run and play, and only like we and me, they crave complacency and companionship,” McCartney concluded.

In his interview with The Washington Post, Pet Blood Bank owners Shane Altizer didn’t repudiate that a photos were taken during his facility, though pronounced they were taken before to his 2015 squeeze of a association and they didn’t paint a stream conditions.

“If a dog isn’t healthy, they don’t furnish a product. And if they don’t furnish a product, they’re an expense,” Altizer said, insisting that they have done changes given holding over ownership. “It’s cheaper to keep a dog healthy.”

Read Paul McCartney’s full minute here and we can assistance by signing PETA’s petition here.

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