Squashing, facesitting and trampling – How we got paid to worship obesity

Squashing, facesitting and trampling - How we got paid to worship obesity
(Picture: Deirdre Spain)

As a fat girl, we am mostly told of a many things we can’t do or shouldn’t enjoy.

I can’t have sex with a male unless he has a fetish, for instance. Or we can’t suffer my food since we should feel guilty about being overweight.

***FEE FOR REUSE*** (Picture: Deirdre Spain for Metro.co.uk)What we skip about being a sex workman (and a few things we don’t)

This is all complete tosh. we can have sex with group for many reasons, my favourite being Because They Pay Me.

However, we frequency see fat women being kissed in films and TV, let alone sex scenes involving them that aren’t derogatory. Some people seem to be underneath a mistaken faith there are some passionate positions we can’t do. we assure you, we can do only as many as anyone else.

In fact, there’s even a few things we can do that only aren’t as effective entrance from an average-sized person.

So if we consider that fat girls can’t suffer sex since of a bodies, here’s several ways in that you’re wrong.

Going on top

Squashing, facesitting and trampling - How we got paid to worship obesity
(Picture: Getty)

We won’t vanquish you. We only won’t. Fat girls – don’t be afraid. Being on tip means you’re in control and we can go as tough or delayed as we wish to.

Personally I’m a fan of a retreat cowgirl (where we face his feet while on top). It means your jerk is there for a small bit of play and spanking, yet generally we don’t have to see his sex-face. In fact, we can only forget he’s there altogether!


Squashing, facesitting and trampling - How we got paid to worship obesity
At a pointy finish (Picture: Getty)

‘I wish we in your highest, many forked heels!’

I once let a male film me trampling his hands and chest – that fundamentally meant walking on him in high heels. These were correct stiletto heels though, we was disturbed he was going to travel divided looking like he’d had a dump of stigmata.

But when a customer says he’s finished it during thousand times before and knows what he’s doing, we have to trust him.

Although, we did get him observant to a camera that we wasn’t obliged for any repairs finished beforehand.

He was fine, by a way. Not even 25 stones on a pin cut could mangle that man. But maybe we should try it initial in unclothed feet..


Squashing, facesitting and trampling - How we got paid to worship obesity
Movember brings behind unpleasant memories (Picture: Getty)

This was one of a many renouned requests we had above all else. Men would wish to distortion underneath my stately bottom for hours, doing what group do when they’re underneath a stately bottom for hours. 

This is all unequivocally good and good, and notwithstanding a new change to British porn laws describing it as ‘potentially life threatening’, it’s not. Believe me, I’ve tried. Especially as it can get unequivocally overpowering on a thighs.

It’s frustrating carrying your jerk described as ‘potentially life threatening’, generally as we can’t travel onto a craft with a bottle of suntan lotion. However, they’ve unsuccessful to discuss anything about group who haven’t had a trim for a few days…

I had to anathema facesitting in Movember as no volume of income is value that volume of chafing. It’s like sitting on a hedgehog that’s swallowed a football.


Fans of squashing will know it’s ‘The Bigger The Better’

It’s fundamentally me squashing men. And during 25 mill it was something we could do rather well, appreciate we unequivocally much.

It unequivocally would be a box of me only sitting on a man’s chest for a few hours. Sometimes but even carrying to take my garments off, or only examination TV while eating a pizza.

I got a poetic afternoon of sitting on my jerk – they got to feel smothered and enveloped in a comfortable raise of lady flesh. we think.

In reality, I’m not unequivocally certain what they got out of it. we only went along for a easy ride.

The fact is we can suffer carrying sex with group and not worry about my body. we feel contemptible for models who have to keep their weight down since multitude is underneath this mistaken faith that’s what all group find attractive.

I, however, can get paid to raid on a male for hours and still suffer a kebab on a approach home. Guilt free.

I also wish to make this unequivocally transparent – this has zero to do with us being ‘grateful’. We are not to be pitied. We are not unfortunate and a genitals are no opposite to anyone else’s.

Honestly, if we consider a vagina can be any bigger since of someone’s size, we have to proportion that to each other one of their inner viscera – that means we contingency have a mind twice as large as yours, natch.

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