Metro’s A to Z of fetishes: G is for gerbils, eyeglasses and grannies

Metros A to Z of fetishes: G is for gerbils, eyeglasses and grannies
Grannies with glasses? Niche (Picture: Ella Byworth for

Since a emergence of time, we humans have found a voluptuous in everything: people get incited on by flattering many anything that moves and utterly a lot of things that don’t.

Most fetishes are submissive fun.

Metro’s A to Z of fetishes: F is for furries, faces and futanari

But in a denunciation of tellurian sexuality, even a many vanilla captivate sounds like something a publication newspapers would run shock stories about.

So for example, in this part of a illusion adventures, we’ll learn psychological terms that only meant fancying a conflicting or same sex.

Then again, we’ll also be traffic with gerbils, grannies and guns – and we only know that someone, somewhere is captivated to all three.

1. Gerbiling

A spectacularly homophobic civic myth, many famously circulated about Richard Gere.

Outside of South Park, nobody’s shoving gerbils adult anybody’s backside for anal pleasure.

2. Gerontophilia

If you’re some-more expected to find intensity partners down a bingo than in a club, we might be a gerontophile: it means passionate captivate to aged people.

Not to be confused with sugarine daddies/mommies, that is an captivate to aged people’s money.

3. Giant fetish

The hulk here refers to a subject, not a scale of a fetish.

Giant illusion or macrophilia is when you’re incited on by giants.

4. Giantesses

Giantess porn is a kind of hulk illusion where somebody gets off on hulk women.

In porn, that mostly means videos of hulk women stepping on people or adhering them where a object don’t shine.

And we don’t meant Scotland.

tall woman
(Picture: Getty)

5. Glasses fetish

So many for ‘men don’t make passes during women who wear glasses’: this one’s unequivocally common, and has exabytes of publishing dedicated to secretaries wearing glasses, librarians wearing glasses, teachers wearing eyeglasses etc.

We were going to put a ‘should have left to SpecSavers’ fun in here though couldn’t consider of one.

6. Goo fetish

Also famous as a muck fetish, muck illusion is when you’re incited on by carrying slimey substances on your skin.

There are tons of images about it on DeviantArt.

7. Gun fetish

Yep, it’s a illusion for guns: genuine guns, feign guns, gun-shaped dildos and substantially NERF rockets too.

Gun girl
(Picture: Getty)

8. Gymnophilia

Gymnophilia is something we all have to a larger or obtuse extent: it’s being intimately worried when exposed or when others are naked.

It becomes a philia when it becomes some-more impassioned and focused on a nakedness rather than a chairman who’s nude.

9. Gynecophilia / Gynecomania

Gynecophilia is an choice to a many some-more informed homo/heterosexual labels: it means passionate captivate to women, and it’s germane to lesbian women, true group and bi group and true women alike.

The philia becomes insanity if it’s obsessive, something that’s mostly singular to true group whose poise towards women is inapt or extreme.

10. Gynosexuality

A tenure from a fun universe of temperament politics that’s used to report passionate captivate to women and/or female-identified people.

11. Gynemimetophilia

A bit of a mouthful, this one: it’s a rather clunky word to report heated captivate to group who look, act and dress like women, either they’re trans, non-binary or cross-dressers.

It’s not quite a enterprise for femininity; it’s a multiple of a masculine physique and womanlike coming that gets a engine running.

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