Important question: What’s a best post-sex food?

Important question: What's a best post-sex food?
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You hurl over, confident after ripping any other’s garments and carrying a hot, sweaty passionate sesh.

But while we might be sexually satisfied (well, we hope), you’re still hungering. For food, this time. All that boning unequivocally worked adult an appetite.

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What do we advise to your orgasm-buddy before we start scrolling by Deliveroo?

Are we a pizza person? A taco fan? Do we review to whatever snacks are fibbing around a house? Do we send them downstairs to make we a large play of pasta?

Or are we one of those people for whom sex dulls all earthy craving (my desk-mate, Miranda, tells me she never thinks of eating right after sex)?

Are we someone who’s a bit uncanny about eating food in front of other people, so needs to send their partner divided before they’ll sequence a smoke-stack of poppadoms?

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These are critical questions – and, we feel, your answer reveals a lot about who we are and how we perspective sex.

But to palliate your ‘BUT WHAT’S THE CORRECT ANSWER’ nerves, don’t highlight – we do have an answer to a most popular post-sex food. That doesn’t meant it’s a right choice, usually a one many people go for.

According to new investigate from Yelp, pizza is a many renouned food to eat right after sex, with pasta and tacos entrance in during a ‘distant’ second and third place.

Yelp surveyed 2,000 singular American millennials, so their representation distance is a hold limited, though a formula make sense.

Pizza is one of a some-more renouned smoothness options in general. It creates clarity it’d tip a list for dishes to eat immediately after a hookup.

Important question: What's a best post-sex food?
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But since a consult usually looked during singular options, we usually know that pizza is a tip choice for infrequent sex seshes. We don’t nonetheless know a renouned choice for coupled-up lovers.

And realistically, a answer could be totally different. If we don’t know someone really well, suggesting pizza is a protected bet. They’re expected to suffer it, and even if they don’t, they’ll go along with a food devise to seem tractable and chill.

Once you’re joined up, you’re expected to be some-more gentle conflicting with a food choices of a chairman whose genitals have recently overwhelmed yours, hence a hours of exposed JustEat scrolling as we discuss a best pity order.

The investigate also found that 14% find grouping food while their hookup is still around a ‘definite no-no’, while 35% would rather sequence take-out while their one-night mount is still unresolved around, rather than going inspired or creation a correct meal.

Important question: What's a best post-sex food?
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That creates sense, too. Ordering in is reduction committal, it’s relaxed, and we don’t have to get dressed and demeanour like we haven’t usually rolled around in bed for hours if we sequence in.

There’s a bit of a gender opening when it comes to eating takeout post-sex. While group were some-more adult for grouping in with their one night stand, usually 29% of women would be adult for grouping in with a new passionate partner – expected due to amicable pressures for women to eat reduction in front of men.

But while a act of eating immediately after sex is a small formidable (at what theatre in a passionate attribute will we do it? Is eating in front of someone some-more insinuate than being exposed with them?), it’s a choice of food that interests us more.

Is there a decisive best form of post-sex food, that traverses both infrequent and critical attribute definitions?

Important question: What's a best post-sex food?
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I’d disagree that, in general, we’re some-more prone to eat diseased food after sex. We feel indulgent, hedonistic, so we’re not meditative about a diets. When it’s a infrequent hookup, we don’t wish to seem high maintenance.

We also wish palliate of food access. Our hormones post-sex make us snuggly and sleepy, rather than penetrating for doing heated cooking.

And we wish something that we can eat but carrying to nudge from bed.

We asked people on Twitter what their favourite post-sex food is, and, during a time of publishing, pizza is a tip contender.

We listened from mixed women that chocolate’s in a running, too, as good as whatever snacks occur to be in a house.

So, everyone, it’s time to get a some-more decisive answer – from people in relations as good as gripping things casual, with a goal of analysing a information and operative out what indeed creates a decent post-sex sesh snack.

Answers in a check and in a comments territory below, please.

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