Guy who attempted to date 6 women in one night defends himself

Guy who attempted to date 6 women in one night defends himself
‘Sorry babe, we gotta go, date series 5 only walked by a door.’ (Picture: Ella Byworth for

So expel your mind behind to Tuesday when we brought we a implausible story of a certain Tinderoni who attempted to back-to-back date 6 women in one night.

Missguided take down their ‘Send me nudes’ pointer after 9,000 people pointer petition

(It might not have been Tinder he used, we only like that word.)

Sly dog Justin Schweiger from Washington D.C. suspicion he’d save time, outfits and aftershave by assembly a store of girls in one night, most like we would a residence viewing.

Except, most like those residence observation evenings where we try and squeeze as many people in as probable in, J-dog’s mixed #datenight failed, and all a dates finished adult assembly any other.

And when we contend ‘meeting any other’, we meant a strange date, Lisette Pylant, slithered in and stole all a serve dates, like a lizard hidden a chicken’s eggs, befriending them like a loyal sass kween she is.

Her epic Twitter thread detailing a sh*t uncover went viral, and bad aged Justin has had to urge his contemptible ass.

Speaking to Inside Edition he insisted: ‘I’m looking for love.’

(In all a wrong places, hey, hey, hey?)

However, he went on to admit: ‘I do smoke-stack my dates, we do typically book them during a same place…

‘I’m a plan manager by trade, I’m really time oriented, potency oriented.’

Guy who attempted to date 6 women in one night defends himself

Now, I’m not no mathematical talent (I did reduce tier GCSE, and what?) though 6 dates in one night?

You’d design a date to final an hour, minimum, no? How prolonged were they all in that bar?

What if one was late? You can’t hang adult a date after 45 minutes.

I’m no needy nelly, though if some f*ckboi attempted to bin me off after 45 minutes, after I’d squandered my costly substructure on him, I’d be pissed off.

Also, Justin, babes, if we wish to get forward in plan management, we advise we start holding into comment factors that can go wrong, y’know?

Like time. And also…maybe use opposite venues?

Just perplexing to help, sweetcheeks.

*blows kiss*

Guy who attempted to date 6 women in one night defends himself

Your (f***)boi Justin is due to pronounce serve on a matter on Inside Edition today, though since America live in a past, we have to wait for them to realize it’s Thursday already and tide it.

Updates as we have them.

*waits impatiently for America to arise up*

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