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Amanda Hamilton recalls spending hours doing puzzles with her grandfather as a child, and from that early day, she grown a passion for all things visual: visible arts, interior design, and even a thespian arts. “Interior pattern is unequivocally many a multiple of pieces that we work to fit together seamlessly,” she explains. Just like a puzzle.

After study design at Calgary’s Mount Royal University, Hamilton launched her self-titled firm: Amanda Hamilton Design. Since then, she has turn one of a many sought-after designers in western Canada; her portfolio includes overwhelming residential spaces, as good as blurb projects like ultra-modern dining locales and stylish sell spots.


We held adult with Hamilton for a dip on where she gets her inspiration, what kind of lady she looks adult to as a purpose model, and what’s subsequent for her. Happy reading!

S/: What’s a best partial of your job?

Amanda Hamilton: I adore a fact that my contention offers an countenance for creativity while permitting me to try new concepts and ideas. There is unequivocally small exercise in my work; any day is energetic and presents a new challenge.

Tell me about your pattern aesthetic.

We don’t have a pattern aesthetic—not in a normal clarity of a word. While many designers find success in anticipating a niche, we are, to some degree, a discord of this. We have a personal hold that can be famous by a followers, however, we essay to promulgate and rouse a client’s particular pattern aspirations.

Tell me about a plan in your portfolio that we are quite unapproachable of.

Native Tongues Taqueria [a complicated taqueria in Calgary] was a quite engaging plan as a chef/owner has a penetrating seductiveness in pattern and trafficked extensively via a march of a plan for research and development. [The space] has a familiarity that it allows it to feel as if it has always been there, that was a goal.

How would we report your possess home’s style?

Eclectic, exploratory, soulful. we proceed interior pattern with a same values as we do my possess clarity of personal style. There should always be elements that elicit inquiry, enthuse or yield melodramatic relief, though that all elements together should be, to some degree, undying and superb solutions.

After operative as an interior designer, because did we confirm to launch your possess home collection this past fall?

Our self patrician lifestyle collection provides serve event to demonstrate ourselves creatively. Furthermore, it’s a healthy prolongation of a code as we were already providing tradition pattern solutions by a approach of seat and millwork to a clients. If we can’t find what we want, we make it.

What was your impulse behind this collection?

Our stream collection is desirous by products that incite suspicion or move we behind to a impulse in time, while ensuring they are tailored and novel in their possess right. We also adore anything that has a tighten tie to internal artisans or a free element.

Who do we demeanour adult to as a purpose model?

I demeanour adult to women who have mastered a excellent art of balancing femininity with badass business acumen. Women who can hustle, with grace, in a span of 4 in. heels.

What artists/designers have desirous you?

Beyoncé competence be your queen, though Kelly Wearstler is my series one lady crush. She’s unapologetic about her adore for a wild, colourful, textural palette, and emboldens a group to continue to demonstrate ourselves and truly take a risks required to perform a middle artistic weirdo.

What does success meant to you?

My clarification of success is constantly evolving. we am unequivocally solemnly training to be many kinder to myself—to concede some-more room for self caring as I’ve schooled that I’m a many creative, best chronicle of myself when we take some room to breathe. Success is a fullest countenance of my work that strives to be wholly unchanging with my values of a engineer and a tellurian being—thoughtful, intelligent, and soulful.

What’s subsequent for you? (I hear we have a wallpaper and scented candle collection entrance soon!)

Who blabbered all of my secrets to you? It’s true: we are rising a possess signature smell this tumble entitled Virility. It’s a unisex smell that is moist and worldly with records of tobacco, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Something we would snuggle into. We are also rising a initial wallpaper this tumble as good and have aligned ourselves with a good Canadian association who will be copy and distributing a wallpaper. The ink literally isn’t dry nonetheless so we can’t contend who, though S/ repository will be a initial to know!  We are also in a rough stages of a partnership with Brooklyn local Brooke Winfrey of BTW Ceramics. I’m unequivocally pumped to see what we come adult with.

Where do we see yourself in 5 years?

I’m not even certain if I could tell we where we see myself in 3 days…ha! I’m a quadruped of change and flower on consistent expansion though we am focused on unequivocally expanding my business to a West Coast so that we can spend some-more time nearby a ocean. we grew adult sailing in a San Juan Islands with my gramps and it binds a unequivocally tear-jerking partial of my heart. we follow opportunity, flower on exploration, and crave knowledge, so that’s where you’ll find me.


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