16 Beauty Trends we Picked Up After Watching K-Pop Music Videos

Ariana Grande, Kylie Jenner and Rihanna may be beauty icons for many, though for me, being of Asian skirmish and all, looking to them for hair and makeup inspo never unequivocally done sense. I’m not denying a fact that we still admire Ariana’s ideal cat eye or Kylie’s pillowy lips, though since a tangible structure of my face is so opposite from a theirs, looking to a easterly only creates some-more sense. Cue a Korean call and a K-pop idols.


It’s no tip a party attention plays a large purpose in a beauty market. Honestly, we can’t travel a streets of Seoul but spotting lifesize cutouts of K-Pop and K-Drama idols in front of a shops. With all a SoKo girls (and guys) looking to their fave stars for a hottest trends – be it rainbow hair, pinkish eyebrows or incompatible phony contacts – in song videos or dramas, it’s apparent that a K-beauty stage is fuelled by a cocktail culture. That’s why star-endorsed products generally sell like crazy opposite Asia.


Though K-Pop stars get a lot of flack for generally looking matching (plastic medicine enlightenment is genuine there), we can’t repudiate their A-game when it comes to hair, makeup and nails. Need proof? Just demeanour to any of a super familiar K-pop song videos, pleasantness of a hottest womanlike talents in a country. Dewy skin, matchy-matchy makeup, face stickers—K-pop unequivocally has got it all.

Flip by to see a 16 best K-pop beauty trends (that are indeed wearable for everyday!) we picked adult from examination a tip song vids of a moment.

k-pop beauty spike art blackpink

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k-pop beauty shine eyeshadow consternation girls

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k-pop beauty slope mouth girls day

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k-pop beauty phony contacts exid

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k-pop beauty true brows kisum

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k-pop beauty phony brows clc

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k-pop beauty pigtails taeyeon

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k-pop beauty undereye valuables apink

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k-pop beauty crimped hair red velvet

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Trend: Nail art, pleasantness of Park Eunkyung of Unistella

Seen in: BlackPink’s “As If It’s Your Last”


Trend: Matching hair, eyebrows, eyeshadow and mouth colour

Seen in: Heize’s “Don’t Know You”


Trend: Coloured hair (aka no healthy phony hair zone)

Seen in: Yerin, Cao Lu and Kisum’s “Spring Again”


Trend: Glitter lips

Seen in: Baek A Yeon’s “Sweet Lies”


Trend: Glitter eyeshadow

Seen in: Wonder Girl’s “I Feel You”


Trend: Face stickers

Seen in: Lovelyz’s “Wow”


Trend: Snap hair clips

Seen in: Twice’s “Signal”


Trend: Gradient mouth (read: post-popsicle look)

Seen in: Girl’s Day’s “Ring My Bell”


Trend: Coloured contacts (because healthy eye colour is so basic)

Seen in: Exid’s “Hot Pink”


Trend: Straight, full brows

Seen in: Kisum’s “You and Me”


Trend: Coloured brows

Seen in: CLC’s “No Oh No”


Trend: Pigtails (because you’re never too aged for ’em)

Seen in: Taeyeon’s “Why”


Trend: Spice Girl buns (because you’re never too aged for these either)

Seen in: Hyolyn’s “Fruity”


Trend: Under eye jewel(s)

Seen in: Apink’s “LUV”


Trend: Mul-gwang (read: dewy, super hydrated, water-sheen-like skin)

Seen in: Mamamoo’s “Yes we Am”


Trend: Brushed out, crimped hair

Seen in: Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb”

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