Mom Writes Thank You Letter to a Pediatric Nurses Who Care for Her Cancer-Stricken Child: ‘I See You’

Shelby Skiles’ universe came crashing down on May 17 when doctors detected a softball-sized mass in her 2-year-old daughter Sophie’s chest. The toddler was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma, and for a past 5 months, she has been in and out of Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, for assertive chemotherapy treatments.

“Even yet she can’t speak right now, she’s vouchsafing us know how she feels with her super fluent eyes,” Skiles tells Us Weekly.

Since a diagnosis, Skiles has been chronicling her small girl’s tour on a Facebook page called Sophie a Brave. And one post — an open minute to pediatric nurses — recently went viral.

“I see you. we lay on this cot all day prolonged and we see you,” Skiles began. “You try so many ways to palliate her fears and win her over. we see we demur to hang her or lift Band-Aids off. You contend ‘No owies’ and ‘I’m sorry’ some-more times in one day than many people contend ‘thank you.’”

Skiles continued: “I see we carrying arm loads of medicine and reserve into one child’s room all while your phone is toll in your slot from a room of another . . . we see we classification piles of beads so we can give them to your studious to supplement to their ever flourishing miracle necklace. we see we cadence her small bald conduct and tuck her covers around her tightly. we see we holding a great mom that got bad news.”

The Dallas-based mom went on to demonstrate thankfulness for a nurses who come to revisit Sophie even when she isn’t their studious and for holding a time to lay with shocked relatives notwithstanding their unconstrained to-do lists.

“I see we regulating your phone as a template to paint a ideal animation impression on a new kid’s window. See we entertaining so enthusiastically for a child holding laps around a nurses station,” wrote Skiles. “I see we with that Nerf gun stealing from a child around a corner. we see we reason small hands, change unwashed sheets, interpret medical speak for parents, and clean your eyes entrance out of a quite tough room. we see we put on gloves, masks and a robe afterwards postponement before we hang en IV bag of poison chemo for my kid.”

Skiles remarkable that “no volume of break baskets or cards” could ever entirely demonstrate her appreciation. “You are Jesus to us any singular day,” she explained. “Our children wouldn’t get what they need but you. You save a babies and we couldn’t do this but you.”

Her post has been common some-more than 25,000 times.

“The nurses and techs do during slightest one superb and unselfish thing any day,” Skiles tells Us. “The ambulance drivers that rushed us to a ER in May sent us pizza during 2 a.m.”

Sophie will be transferring to Cook Children’s in Fort Worth, Texas, for a STEM dungeon transplant. A family member set adult a GoFundMe to assistance with a costs of a small girl’s treatment.

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