Meet Your New Crush: Canadian Tennis Star Vasek Pospisil

Vasek Pospisil posing for a print wearing a blue t-shirt

Vasek Pospisil is ranked a second-best masculine tennis actor in Canada, though we wouldn’t know it only by articulate to him. Incredibly common and down-to-earth, a 26-year-old has been outstanding tournaments given he started personification a competition during age six. Born in Vernon, B.C., Pospisil’s diversion has taken him around a world, earning titles during U.K.’s prestigious Wimbledon Championships, a Indian Wells Masters in California, and a Rotterdam Open in a Netherlands (he also done Hello! Canada‘s 2017 Most Beautiful list).

But when a tennis star isn’t on a court, he pursues his other passions: creation videos and essay music. FLARE sat down with Pospisil when he was in Toronto to discuss about songwriting, his new YouTube array and his tip luminary crush. (Hint: she’s Canadian).

You’re streamer to Wimbledon soon! How are we feeling?

Good! I’m excited. Wimbledon is my favourite contest of a year. I’ve played good there in a past, too, so we have a lot of good memories. It’s a contest of a year to demeanour brazen to.

Do we have a pre-match ritual?

Yeah, we do. I’m always listening to strain before a compare and we ready all my rackets and go by a vapid routine of creation certain all is perfect. we also find a unequivocally still place to be alone for a small while—the ease before a storm.

What kind of strain do we listen to before we play?

Whatever strain I’m listening to during a moment. So, it’s not indispensably to get me pumped adult or ease me down. If I’m fondness a song, I’ll listen to it—whether it’s super delayed or unequivocally energetic. we like indie stone and alternative. I’m one of those guys who can listen to an manuscript for months; it takes me 3 months to switch [albums] if it’s unequivocally good.

Vasek Pospisil posing in a red t-shirt

What artists are we listening to right now?

The Lumineers, The Shins—I’m a large fan of The Shins—Death Cab for Cutie, Arcade Fire and Fleet Foxes. I’m also always a fan of Coldplay and The Beatles.

I review that you’ve started recording your possess songs…

I started personification guitar a few years ago, and only final year schooled [music] speculation and how to indeed write a song. Since then, I’ve been essay melodies and creation songs. we have like 60 songs right now, though we stopped essay a few months behind since we have too many songs. Sometime shortly we wish to make an album. Whether it’s an manuscript that 100 people or 100 million people hear, it doesn’t matter to me. we wish to do it, so it’ll be fun.

Is a career in strain something you’d wish to pursue?

Well, yeah, only since we suffer it so much. Whether we succeed—or either people like it or not—that’s another thing we can’t control. But we adore to write songs and play strain so, it’s unequivocally something I’ll do—at slightest for my soul.

You recently started a weekly YouTube array called “Bounce.” What was your impulse behind that?

My hermit travels with me utterly a bit. He loves to record videos, and we’ve been doing tons of these small homemade videos together. The event came adult to do a YouTube channel, and it felt like it fit so easily, since we’d already been doing these kinds of things. Why not spin it into something flattering cool? It was a flattering easy transition.

Vasek Pospisil wearing a blue t-shirt and smiling

Your videos offer a behind-the-scenes demeanour during your daily life—including media appearances and tennis matches. Do we feel shaken during a suspicion of thousands of people examination your personal life?

Actually, yeah. It’s unequivocally bizarre since it’s a side of me I’d be unequivocally worried to uncover to somebody if I’m around them. But since a camera is there, for some reason we feel like it’s OK, since there’s nobody indeed there. we don’t comprehend people are going to see them; I’m only [recording] with my hermit or by myself. Then people [watch] them, and I’m like, ‘Oh damn! People are indeed saying this.’ we cruise myself a flattering private person, so it’s an engaging counterbalance with a channel, though we adore it during a same time.

When you’re not working, what do we do for fun?

I wish we had some-more gangling time since I’d adore to spend it with my family and brothers. we don’t get to see them unequivocally much, so when we do have a few days [off], we try to see them. In terms of time via a day, when we have a bit of time I’m operative on songs. But we don’t have unequivocally most time to be honest; I’m flattering most consumed with a sport.

Who’s a luminary that you’ve always dejected on?

I always favourite Rachel McAdams, and she’s Canadian, too. It would be cold to accommodate her. we have a few other ones…but I’d rather not say!

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