Exclusive: Stylist Law Roach Shares His Impromptu Shoot With Zendaya, Approach to Dressing Celine Dion

There are arguably no dual bigger character icons right now than Zendaya, a 20-year-old Spider-man: Homecoming thespian and new Vogue cover girl, and Celine Dion, a 49-year-old thespian and now streetwear savant. At initial glance, they might seem worlds apart—not usually in age, though also credentials and aesthetic. At Paris Haute Couture Week, for example, Zendaya sat front quarrel in a glamorous Ralph Russo robe good over her years, duration Celine Dion stepped out Givenchy faux-leather overalls and Kanye West heels. But they’ve indeed got a lot some-more in common than meets a eye.

What aligns these dual superstars is not their character though rather their whole-hearted, over-the-top proceed to it. And since of this, they are means to share a stylist: a male named Law Roach, who prefers to call himself an “image architect.” It was he who drew a plans to assistance renovate Zendaya from a jovial teen to a glamorous Hollywood starlet, and after deliver a Las Vegas diva Celine Dion to streetwear brands that matched her bravado.

Last week, we held adult with Roach over a phone from Paris, where he sat during a café eating chocolate cake (with a dip of ice cream) after facilitating both his clients’ many Haute Couture Week appearances. It was this same time final year that he put Dion in a very-fitting Vetements Titanic hoodie, signaling to a conform village that she was prepared to explain her character idol crown. And indeed, this deteriorate she took a streets of Paris like she owned a place, distinguished poses outward of shows that rivaled a statues in a Louvre, and rising from a object roof of her city automobile to blow kisses during crowds of fans.

Like his clients, Roach, who is also a decider on America’s Next Top Model, seems to live for high fashion—and even in his down-time enjoys personification dress-up with his clients. One night in Paris, for example, he orderly an unpretentious print fire with Zendaya in her hotel room during a Ritz until 4:00 in a morning, because, well, c’est la vie! See a formula below.

Where in a star are we right now and where did this fire with Zendaya take place?

I’m indeed still in Paris. It was in her hotel room during a Ritz.

Was it an unpretentious thing or had we designed it?

No, this was unequivocally impromptu. We had usually gotten behind from dinner, and we consider she was a bit jet lagged and hadn’t been sleeping. we was like, well, let’s do a print shoot! So we were adult until maybe 4:00 in a morning usually personification around. She did her possess hair and makeup. It’s so humorous how a star works since we had indeed usually bumped into an aged crony of cave from Chicago in Paris who happens to be a photographer. So we texted them, “Hey what are we doing right now?”

Dress by Shahar Avnet; hair and makeup by Zendaya, styled by Law Roach.

This sounds like arrange of a embellishment for your life right now: Dressing adult extraordinary women on a fly. How prolonged have we been operative with Zendaya?

I’ve worked with her for 6 years now. I’m a usually stylist she’s ever had.

You guys contingency be unequivocally close.

Yeah, during this indicate she’s my younger sister.

You’ve been operative with Zendaya on her red runner looks for Spider-man: Homecoming. What has that knowledge been like and what are some of your favorite looks?

The press debate was great. It was an artistic opening for both of us since there were so many looks. we desired a Ralph Russo tradition pinkish dress she wore to a premiere. To me, she was like a life-size Barbie doll. She indeed wore a same boots for many of a press tour—these white Le Silla pumps. She substantially wore them like, 7 times, that is hilarious.

Zendaya is such a risk-taker when it comes to her style. Is there anything that she doesn’t like to wear?

No, not during all. we consider we’re both unequivocally unwavering of who her assembly is, and who looks adult to her. She’s unequivocally obliged in that matter. She’ll be 21 in Sep and we still haven’t seen her do anything super sexy. She has a outrageous honour for a younger girls who’ve grown adult with her and a ones who are finding her now. One of a things we contend is: You have your whole life to be sexy. So, that’s one of a things she hasn’t unequivocally done.

Dress by Shahar Avnet; hair and makeup by Zendaya, styled by Law Roach.

You were in Paris for couture week. Were there any looks we wanted to squeeze right off a runway?

I was in adore with Ulyana Sergeenko. It was 1940s-inspired, and that anxiety is kind of because we wanted to be in fashion; we was usually spooky with a approach women looked behind then, a approach they carried themselves, and a forms of garments they wore. So that was a clear standout for me.

You were during couture week with Celine Dion as well. How prolonged have we been operative with her?

I’ve been operative with her for a year now.

Yet you’ve had such a transformative knowledge with her. How has your attribute evolved? How did she initial respond to all these new options we came in with?

I call myself an ‘image architect,’ not so many a stylist. So when we accommodate my clients, we built a plans of what we consider their conform form should be and how I’m going to get there. we was usually astounded during how many of a conform lady Celine Dion unequivocally was; nobody knew it. we did deliver her to a lot of new brands final summer—Vetements being a biggest of them all—and Off-White and towering streetwear brands that she substantially wouldn’t have suspicion about or noticed. That was unequivocally critical to me. To some people, it was startling to see her in a Vetements sweatshirt. But when we showed it to her, she was like: ‘I adore it. Let me wear it right now.’

So she’s super receptive to all a things that you’re display her?


Dress by Ralph Russo; hair and makeup by Zendaya, styled by Law Roach.

Why do we consider Vetements is such a good fit for someone like Celine Dion?

I consider Demna [Gvasalia] has this talent of formulating this new lady over and over again. And when we put Celine in that Vetements, she had literally usually mislaid her father a few months before. She was substantially during a commencement stages of her recovering process, and so she was apropos a opposite woman. She had been with René [Angélil] for many of her life, and now all of a remarkable she’s a singular mom and she’s an artist on her own. So, his talent of formulating this new lady fit with her indeed apropos a new woman. It was incredible.

She seems so happy and assured in all a garments that we put her in you.

I mean, she loves it! we wish we could take credit for introducing Celine Dion to this whole new world. But she’s always lived in this world; she usually did it quietly. Like, she performs in couture during her Vegas shows. She buys couture. Since we’ve been operative together, we consider we usually grabbed all a conform kids and was like, ‘Look during this woman!’

Dress by Ralph Russo; hair and makeup by Zendaya, styled by Law Roach.

Zendaya and Celine are are dual such opposite women, though also identical in some ways. How would we review them?

They’re some-more identical than different. we consider a biggest disproportion is age, though they’re both pleasing with these implausible bodies; they’re both gifted in their possess ways. The biggest likeness between a dual of them when it comes to conform is that they’re both fearless. They’re a form of women that when you’re around them, you’re like, ‘Oh, we get it.’

You mentioned their age difference, though we feel like they’re both violation down stereotypes about how people of a certain age dress. Like Celine Dion is wearing all these we young, rising designers and Zendaya is sauce like a glamorous Hollywood woman. Is that something you’re meditative about?

I always like to tell a story of my mom holding a bath and putting rollers in hair and doing her nails—just doing a things that women did to get dressed. It had an outcome on me and combined my aesthetic. Celine is that woman: She’s pretentious even when she’s putting on her nylons and jewelry. She usually recently pronounced that infrequently when she misses René she’ll put on her diamonds and take a bath. Like, who does that? we consider of aged Hollywood glorious and women like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. That’s what we try to project, even if my clients are young. And that’s because people sinecure me.


Celine Dion arrives a a Premiere Of Disneys quot;Beauty And The Beastquot;  during El Capitan Theatre on Mar 2, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.
Celine Dion attends a quot;Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garcons: Art Of The In-Betweenquot; Costume Institute Gala during Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 1, 2017 in New York City.
Celine Dion poses in a press room during a 2017 Billboard Music Awards during T-Mobile Arena on May 21, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Celine Dion is seen on a streets of Manhattan on Apr 30, 2017 in New York City.
Celine Dion seen withdrawal her hotel in Paris, France, on Jun 14, 2017.
Celine Dion is seen on Jun 28, 2017 in Paris, France.



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