BTS Makeup Secrets From ‘Project Runway’ and More Beauty Major Beauty News for Season 16

Here’s to new dip about a arriving Project Runway deteriorate 16 kicking off on Lifetime on Aug 17: The long-running uncover has a new code new beauty sponsor! Avon will be providing a makeup for a season.

Tim Gunn announced a news on Sunday, Aug 6, during a warn entrance during a beauty giant’s RepFest gathering in Nashville, Tennessee. As partial of a partnership, a code will be releasing behind-the-scenes calm from makeup artist Hector Simancas and other Avon member on a brand’s amicable channels.

To celebrate, Simancas spoke exclusively with Us Weekly to get all a details. Here’s what a makeup artist had to contend about a craziest partial of doing makeup for a uncover and a play we can design in a entrance weeks.

Stylish: Why was Avon meddlesome in operative with a uncover this season?

HS: The thesis of a deteriorate is diversity, and that unequivocally speaks to what Avon is about. We have models from any skin type, any skin color. It’s extraordinary since any product can fit [them].

And Avon has a pleasing skin caring line, and we were means to use a lot of it before we started a whole routine of doing a makeup, so everybody’s skin is only intense and beautiful. It’s a small bit opposite from what we routinely see on Project Runway. They’re runway looks, though during a same time it’ll be something that we can trust to take right to a street.

Stylish: How does a makeup apportionment of a hurdles work?

HS: Basically, I’m formulating things in a moment. One of a extraordinary tools is we don’t know anything about what is function in a episode. we have no thought what a plea is about. So a designers are entrance to me, and they have 4 mins to give me a ideas and speak about it, and we have to emanate a look.

It’s unequivocally crazy! At one indicate we used eyeshadow and churned it with H2O to emanate an eyeliner, and we combined a mascara regulating eyeshadow, too. So that’s one of a good things about a makeup line, a approach that we can use in opposite ways to emanate many looks.

Stylish: Did we find that a designers got how critical a makeup was to a altogether look, or was it something they had to learn along a way?

HS: Some of a designers were some-more into us than others. In a commencement it was unequivocally tough since it’s so many — to start with sixteen [contestants]. So we have dual mins for any engineer to emanate a look.

But by a center of a deteriorate we can see they’re some-more into it. They also get some-more informed with a products, so they got some-more artistic and a small riskier.

Stylish: Did any of them pull behind during all?

HS: There was a small bit of evidence between a engineer and me about a look. He didn’t determine with what we suggested. But in a finish it’s a competition, so it’s their look. we can advise and we can be partial of a whole idea. we always try to beam them to a best demeanour that we consider can fit a clothing. But we have to give them what they want.

Stylish: There will be an partial centered around Avon. Can we tell us anything about it?

HS: What we can tell we it’s going to be really emotional. It’s going to be a lot of play and a lot of pleasing looks!

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