Watch Grace Jones’s Doc Trailer: "You Have to Be a High Flying B-tch"

Grace Jones, a paradigmatic singer, singer and model, let documentary executive Sophie Fiennes follow her around with cameras over a march of an whole decade, and a ensuing film, Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami, will be one of a many hotly expected luminary documentaries of a year when it premieres during a Toronto International Film Festival subsequent month.

Finally, a open gets a smallest look about what that 10 years of footage binds with a initial teaser trailer. It doesn’t give us many of an thought about what topics a film will cover, though it does give a clarity of how insinuate Fiennes (who is sister of a actors Ralph and Joseph) was means to get with her cameras. Set to a kick from Jones’s singular “Pull Up to My Bumper,” we initial get a glance of Jones putting on her possess makeup in a behind of what we can usually assume is a prolonged black limousine. It afterwards shifts to a backstage self-centredness where we declare Jones sculpting out what are already some of a world’s many iconic cheekbones. Basically, it’s a minimalist makeup educational in a form of a trailer.

Though, a few choice quotes from Jones can be heard.

“You have to be a high drifting b-tch, sometimes,” she says with laugh. “Sometimes we have to be a high drifting b-tch.”

Ain’t it a truth.

Thought she never utterly reached a draft success of all those who followed her, Jones fundamentally laid a substructure on that all complicated cocktail stars are built. The Jamaica local started out her career as a model, though by 1977 cumulative a record deal. Her union of high fashion, avant garde theatre costumes, visit collaborations with visible artists, and ability to mold her picture with a assistance of conform photographers are all partial of a cocktail star playbook today, and Jones positively knows it.

“Trends come along and people say, ‘Follow that trend,'” she famously wrote in her 2015 discourse I’ll Never Write My Memoirs. “There’s a lot of that around during a moment: ‘Be like Sasha Fierce (Beyonce). Be like Miley Cyrus. Be like Rihanna. Be like Lady Gaga. Be like Rita Ora and Sia. Be like Madonna.’ we can't be like them—except to a border that they are already being like me.”

“I have been so copied by those people who have done fortunes that people assume we am that rich,” she continued. “But we did things for a excitement, a dare, a fact that it was new, not for a money, and too many times we was a first, not a beneficiary.”

The fact that to this day, a 69-year-old still does her possess makeup before a gig usually underlines her point.

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Grace Jones 42nd birthday, 1990
Nightclubbing tour, 1981
Photo session, 1977
New York City, 1989
Studio 54, 1978
quot;A View To A Killquot; promo, 1984.
Studio session, 1981
Amsterdam, 1981
quot;A View to a Killquot; party, 1985
Amsterdam, 1981
Photo session, 1987
Madonnas quot;Sexquot; book party, 1992
On stage, summer of 1989
Le Vie en Rose Restaurant, 1987
New York Fashion Week, 2006
New York City, 2003

Grace Jones’ 42nd birthday, 1990


Naomi Campbell and Grace Jones applaud Grace Jones’ 42nd birthday in 1990 during a Stringfellow’s Nightclub in New York City.

Bradley Cooper Thought Grace Jones Was Hot in James Bond:


quot;Blue Black in Black on Brown,quot; New York, 1981.Photo by Jean-Paul Goude, pleasantness of Tods.
quot;Carolina,quot; New York, 1976.Photo by Jean-Paul Goude, pleasantness of Tods.
quot;Cubist Grace,quot; New York, 1981.Photo by Jean-Paul Goude, pleasantness of Tods.
quot;Farida,quot; Paris, 1985.Photo by Jean-Paul Goude, pleasantness of Tods.
quot;Fashion and Sport Running,quot; 1996.Photo by Jean-Paul Goude, pleasantness of Tods.
quot;Naomi Campbell,quot; Knysna, 2009.Photo by Jean-Paul Goude, pleasantness of Tods.
quot;Jimi Hendrix,quot; Paris, 1968.Photo by Jean-Paul Goude, pleasantness of Tods.
quot;Slave to a Rhythm,quot; New York, 1986.Photo by Jean-Paul Goude, pleasantness of Tods.
quot;Toukie,quot; New York, 1974.Photo by Jean-Paul Goude, pleasantness of Tods.
quot;Jessica Chastain as Joan of Arc,quot; 2015.Photo by Jean-Paul Goude, pleasantness of Tods.
quot;Wamba,quot; Paris, 1947.Image by Jean-Paul Goude, pleasantness of Tods.
quot;Grace, Revised and Updated,quot; New York, 1978.Photo by Jean-Paul Goude, pleasantness of Tods.
quot;The Kodakette Family,quot; Rome, 1984.Image by Jean-Paul Goude, pleasantness of Tods.


“Blue Black in Black on Brown,” New York, 1981.

Photo by Jean-Paul Goude, pleasantness of Tod’s.

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