Survivor’s Patrick Bolton Talks Pre-Game Connection to Castmate Ali Elliott: ‘I Used It As a Lifeline’

“I’ve never believed a redhead a day in my life.” Those were a disproportion of Patrick Bolton’s tribemate usually before he was voted out of Survivor deteriorate 35 “Heroes vs. Heroes vs. Hustlers.”

The Alabama native, 24, who described himself as “persistent, witty and thankful” in his CBS bio — and yes, has red hair — gifted some luminary strife within a Hustlers tribe, quite with his clearly anti-ginger castmate, Lauren Rimmer.

Still, he had a pre-game tie with Ali Elliott, with whom he went to college, that was kept underneath wraps and could have taken him distant into a diversion if played a right way.

Bolton, a tiny business owner, afterwards fell brief in a shield plea and Elliot started carrying doubts about aligning with him, generally given a pushback from other players.

He clears things adult in his speak with Us:

Us: How did we feel going into genealogical council? Did we consider we were going home during all?

PB: Going into tribal, before any disproportion were spoken, we was flattering ease and collected. What we got to see as distant as Lauren revelation everybody how many we disturbed them, and their responses, we didn’t see those. What we had seen, we was gentle meditative Lauren was going home. Not me. Going in, we felt amazing. Part-way through, we got a small disturbed from some of Lauren’s comments and some of Ali’s comments. It finished bad for me yesterday. we relived a knowledge examination it on inhabitant TV. It was unfortunate, especially since Lauren should have been a one going home.

Us: What did we consider about Lauren claiming to have dual idols? Do we consider that finished any difference?

PB: That meant literally zero to anyone. As we saw, Ali laughed since she had never looked for a idol. She had pronounced that. I, on a other hand, did demeanour for a statue and should have found dual with a volume of time we spent looking.

Us: Who do we consider was eventually obliged for a votes going your way?

PB: we consider Lauren was eventually responsible. Or maybe Ryan [Ulrich]. As we see, Ryan and Devon [Pinto] pronounced we have votes entrance a approach and we are a last factor. It was Lauren or me. we apparently was observant Lauren. we suspicion we was good. It’s tough to say. Was it Lauren? Was it Ryan? we feel Lauren convinced a votes, yet eventually Ryan finished by with that decision.

Us: Did we comprehend how tighten Ryan and Devon were? Was that transparent out there?

PB: It was not clear. Again, as we go by and watch now … we didn’t comprehend that they common many conversations together yet my being there. we suspicion we was there for a good infancy of a conversations and plan play. It was usually unequivocally something we should have picked adult on. And if we had, we would have finished improved plan personification with Ali. we didn’t take full advantage of my conditions there. That’s another cause that sent me home.

Us: Speaking of that, we knew Ali before to a game. Was that something that was talked about plainly or did we keep it hush-hush?

PB: No, it was unequivocally hush-hush. Try and consider for yourself — if we were personification Survivor, we would not wish any of your other tribemates to know that we knew someone before to a show. That’s a unequivocally comforting thing. It was for me, thinking, “Hey, we got someone we can trust here and someone who knows me. We wish a best for any other.” we suspicion Ali wanted a best for me. She eventually did, she usually couldn’t take full advantage of that and she didn’t wish to put her life on a line for me. That’s what it boiled down to. we kept it unequivocally hush-hush. we didn’t discuss anything to anyone about it as distant as producers before to a show. Ali told me that as shortly as she saw my face, she told a initial chairman she could tell, as distant as CBS authority. Like, “Hey, we know this guy. we don’t know if this is designed or what we guys are doing, yet we went to a same college. He was neighbor. He lived down a street.” We’ve been to adequate of a same parties to know any other. We weren’t tighten friends, yet we were unequivocally tighten associates.

Us: Do we consider it played a cause in your demise?

PB: we feel like it kinda did harm my game. we used it as a salvation that couldn’t be broken. we flattering many always pronounced that Ali was going to be my lifeline. If we could get Devon and Ryan … Ali is a for certain collect for me. She’s not going to opinion opposite me. we leaned on that for too many comfort and we should have never have finished that. we would never do that again. we would have presumably said, “Ali’s gotta go. Or we gotta make improved plan with her.” we didn’t promulgate adequate with her and we shouldn’t have attempted to censor as many of a talking. We should have strategized to unequivocally work that connection.

Us: You looked pissed when we left. Who were we many indignant with?

PB: we felt so exhilarated toward Ali and Ryan. Devon’s a still guy, so we didn’t speak as many to him. we was unequivocally exhilarated during Ali since we didn’t consider she would opinion opposite me in a million years. At slightest not that early in a game. Going toward a after vote-out, we could unequivocally see her voting me out for her benefit. But it was too early. What was not shown, we was acid for a shield statue after a plea was lost, and Ryan comes adult to me and says, “I know you’re looking for a shield idol. You don’t need to worry. Don’t consider we need a shield statue to make it by tonight. Lauren’s going home.” He told me that with a many critical demeanour on his face. we had 100 percent certainty that Lauren was going home after that review with Ryan. we unequivocally wanted to suppress him right there. we knew that was totally opposite anything we could do.

Us: You were seen as a goofball who infrequently burnished people a wrong way. What did we consider examination that back?

PB: I unequivocally consider we got a shrill personality, during times, not always. we was so vehement to be on Survivor. In a million years, we would have never suspicion it would be me. Yet I’m here. I’m carrying a time of my life. The knowledge is extraordinary and I’m carrying fun. We were joking around a lot. Ryan was this humorous small guy. He was always enormous jokes. Pretty much, we didn’t consider we was going to negatively impact my diversion by joking around. A lot of it was usually who we am. Friends examination called me and said, “I wouldn’t design anything reduction of you.” we find that humorous that they would contend a same thing about me.

Us: Simone [Nguyen] told me in her exit speak that we were there for a cameras and airtime. Response?

PB: Oh Simone, go to sleep. Do not contend that. That is not fair. That is not true. She pronounced we was there for airtime and TV? She’s crazy. we do adore Simone though. we don’t wish her to consider we don’t adore her. Simone, we are loved. But that is not true.

Us: Finally, do we consider there was anything we could have finished during genealogical legislature to switch a votes or were they locked?

PB: I suspicion behind by this on a few occasions where I’m laying in bed and we can’t go to nap all night since of this thought. If i had famous we was going home, could we have switched a votes? we played so many thoughts behind by my head, disproportion we could have pronounced to pitch a votes. we feel like there could have been a possibility if we unequivocally spilled all out. … Honestly, Ryan was never going to go home. Lauren was unequivocally a usually choice we had to get to go home. we consider if we had used a right disproportion in a right moment, it could have presumably happened. It would have been like removing a best palm in cards. It would have been difficult.

Survivor front on CBS Wednesdays during 8 p.m. ET.

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