Scandal’s George Newbern Imagines How Charlie, Quinn Will Be as Parents

Will they hoop parenthood? Quinn and Charlie are scheming to acquire a small gladiator into a universe — and, frankly, that’s tough to imagine. George Newbern, who plays a dad-to-be on Scandal, joked about a integrate in an disdainful speak with Us Weekly.

“As distant as parenting, we don’t consider he has a clue. we consider his parenting skills might come from his contribution of life or whatever he watched on TV [growing up],” Newbern, 52, says. “I consider it’s going to be some kind of required idea. And Quinn — we don’t know what her suspicion of a relatives is only yet. It’ll be interesting. we can see them chubby a child on a baby conduit and scaling buildings.”

“I don’t even know if Charlie knows who his relatives are,” he adds. “My backstory for Charlie was fundamentally that he grew adult like a encourage child yet anything and he doesn’t unequivocally exist in a world. This is his approach of arrange of recreating a life for himself. we meant this is what we finished adult [in my mind], of course.”

It was suggested during a deteriorate 6 culmination of a Shonda Rhimes-created domestic play that Quinn was pregnant. Newbern says that they haven’t filmed a marriage yet, yet it seems like they will “make all all correct and right.”

“This was ostensible to be a guest mark and they kept seeking me behind for a few episodes. we was arrange of an all-purpose, pinch-hitter bad guy. And it was only a blast since it was something we never unequivocally got to do before. And now that we got concerned with Katie’s impression we was regulating her primarily and afterwards they got concerned in a some-more regretful approach — in a twisted, regretful way,” a Father of a Bride star tells Us. “I still consider that he’s a bad guy. we consider he’s still perplexing to locate his breath.”

Newbern, who says a uncover has “been a ride,” hopes that a former B-613 view doesn’t turn too forward though.

“I would like to see him still alive. we wish he’s still with Quinn,” he tells Us of a finale. “This is a uncanny world. They don’t do normal things so anything is possible.”

Read a rest of his QA below:

US: What’s your favorite Charlie and Quinn scene?

GN: we unequivocally like a stage where I’m arrange of stalking her during a hotel and we go adult and pull her adult opposite a wall and lick her. we suspicion that was flattering eccentric since we didn’t design it. we remember in a review by Shonda was examination me while we was reading it and she was like, ‘You have no suspicion what to design from these list reads.’

US: Was a expel astounded to learn it was a final season?

GN: I was not shocked. we consider there was talk. Usually after a uncover goes on for 6 seasons it becomes a large doubt of, ‘Hey, is it going to go on longer?’ When they motionless to go to a seventh deteriorate we was like, ‘Oh, we gamble that’s going to be a final season.’ we consider it’s tough for them to tell all that story and keep it engaging since it browns unequivocally hot. And Shonda pronounced this before — it creates a lot of clarity — Trump’s presidency unequivocally kind of altered a energetic for a arc on a show. It’s reduction shocking. He’s so argumentative that what we do on a uncover isn’t as argumentative since it’s function in genuine life. That indeed might have had something to do with it.

Grey’s Anatomy can [go on] since it’s a serialized show. It’s a uncover that has a beginning, center and finish in each episode. Scandal is one prolonged burn. we consider it’s tough to say that. we consider they’ve finished a good job. It’s an unfit thing to. we wish it would go on for another 5 years, frankly.

US: Has it been romantic on set?

GN: Not each take, yet we had cooking with Shonda and we all talked about a good practice and all that. It got a small teary and emotional. But once again, on set it only feels like work again. We’re carrying a fun time. It will substantially get a small teary during a end, I’m sure.

US: What memorabilia are we going to take?

GN: I’ll substantially take my boots. we wear these small boots and I’ll substantially squeeze a garland of still from a set if we can. Maybe a coupler or two.

Scandal front Thursdays on ABC during 9 p.m. ET.

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