Robert Pattinson Goes on a Hot Dog Quest in New Short Film

Robert Pattinson is a elementary man. He likes to act. He likes unresolved in hotel bedrooms by himself. He thinks minibars are too damn expensive. And he gets hot dog cravings! Stars, they unequivocally are only like us.

In this impertinent new video from GQ that a actor wrote himself, Pattinson goes on a stream-of-consciousness query for one thing and one thing only: a prohibited dog (or 10) with some imagination toppings after witnessing a male eat one on a street. But it’s not that simple, really. See, Pattinson happens to be what we would call a “very renouned celebrity,” and he’s fearful that withdrawal his hotel will display him to a flurry of fans and media attention that he doesn’t want. Will he successfully leave a premises for a possibility to devour that greasy frankfurter goodness? Yes, apparently. The craving pangs are that strong.

“This city is a intricacy designed to ridicule me,” he narrates, before putting on a hat, sunglasses, and coupler zipped adult to his ears and holding to a streets of Manhattan. “A New York prohibited dog. The kind that creates we tumble in love.” And does he make it to his destination, Papaya King? Well, you’re only going to have to watch and find out.

As comical as a video is to watch, in a concomitant GQ profile, Pattinson—who stars in a arriving film Good Time—was utterly vehement about how a paparazzi have exceedingly influenced his essence for years, with many photographers camping outward his home for days during a time. “People were like, ‘It’s fine, who cares?’” he tells GQ. “‘They’re only photos or whatever.’ They’ll say, ‘Just live your life.’ But that’s not life for me, if someone’s watching it.” In fact, a reason he finished adult “winning” many of a time in his electioneer opposite a paparazzi is that he would “disappear” if he was being followed, and a photographers couldn’t means pushing around looking for him with no pledge of a shot. In other words, he burst a formula to sanity.

“As shortly as we saw a tail, we would only disappear again. It worked after a while. They’re only like, ‘Oh, a man is only a hassle,'” he says. “There are ways to disappear, like, sincerely easily. But we have to be vital a utterly bizarre life. It only involves effort, and many people can’t unequivocally be worried to put a bid in.”

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