‘Riverdale’ Season 2 Premiere Recap: Fred Andrews’ Fate Revealed — and Who Died?

We’ve been watchful 5 months to find out if Fred Andrews died after being shot during Pop’s, and while a Riverdale season 2 premiere, patrician “A Kiss Before Dying,” did answer that question, it also acted many more. Let’s speak about a episode’s biggest moments.

Archie Steps Up

Much of a premiere focused on Archie (KJ Apa) coping with his dad’s shooting. While Fred (Luke Perry) spent time in surgery, Archie stayed clever and focused on throwing his father’s shooter. Arch’s friends lauded him for saving his father (Jughead dubbed him “Pure Heart a Powerful”), yet a redhead was stealing something.

He after certified to a other members of a core 4 that he’d been inept by fear after his father was shot and he suspicion he hadn’t finished adequate to strengthen Fred. With Fred’s wallet missing, Archie disturbed a assailant would come after his dad, so he vowed to strengthen him as prolonged as a masked male was still out there.

Veronica Lodge, a Best Girlfriend Ever

Veronica (Camila Mendes) stayed by Archie’s side, even yet she told Betty (Lili Reinhart) she wasn’t good during doing grief or comforting people. After some erotic (literally!) showering sex, Archie attempted to pull Veronica away, yet she wouldn’t concede it. The new integrate was clever after weathering their initial predicament together, yet Veronica had other problems watchful for her during home — not a slightest of that was that she suspicion her relatives might’ve put a strike on Archie’s dad.

By episode’s end, her father, Hiram Lodge (Mark Consuelos), had returned. Hermione (Marisol Nichols) had already warned V to get behind in line with a family, and Hiram seemed to behind adult that sentiment. Two mins of shade time and we’re already frightened of him? Uh oh.

The Unofficial Serpent

Speaking of disturbed girlfriends, Betty was endangered that Jughead (Cole Sprouse) was going to join a Southside Serpents. Juggy positive Betty that he wasn’t, nonetheless donning a leather coupler and roving his dad’s motorcycle helped him feel tighten to his father while he was in jail. Jughead competence have suspicion he wasn’t in bed with a Serpents, yet when he asked them to examine who shot Fred, he came home to find a bloodied, tied adult male who’d been beaten within an in. of his life. The Serpents wanted Jughead to tell his father that they’d finished what Juggy asked of them, since according to their code, “with or though a jacket, you’re a Serpent.”

Cheryl in Charge

Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) resurfaced during a sanatorium after blazing her residence down. She lied and told everybody that a glow was an collision and her mom had rushed in to save her. Then, she threatened to tell a law about what happened in a stable a night her father died if her mom ever breathed a word of a fire’s loyal origin. And, in box it wasn’t clear, Cheryl done certain her mom knew she’s in assign now.

The Kiss of Life

Fred spent a infancy of a premiere unconscious, yet while he was out of it, Archie’s life flashed before Fred’s eyes — Archie graduating high school, holding over a family business, proposing to and marrying Veronica. After Cheryl gave him a “kiss of life,” Fred awoke and told Archie he came behind to strengthen him.

A Familiar Face Is Murdered

Just since Fred Andrews survived doesn’t meant a Riverdale premiere finished though bloodshed. While Archie was aroused a masked shooter would lapse to finish off his dad, a “angel of death” was indeed in a circuitously city of Greendale holding caring of his subsequent victim: Ms. Grundy, a song clergyman who was adult to her aged ways of creation out with teenage boys. The shooter astounded her in her home and killed her. And only like that, we have a murder.

Riverdale front on The CW Wednesdays during 8 p.m. ET.

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