Megan Fox Let Her Son Wear a Dress and People Are Freaking Out

Like a lot of 4-year-olds we know, Megan Fox‘s son, Noah, loves a Disney film “Frozen.” So it would make clarity that Noah would demonstrate that adore by shopping associated merch and stepping out in “Frozen” swag. The 31-year-old singer documented her son’s mania on Instagram yesterday, where she posted a shot of her son looking darling AF in a blue-and-white dress with a design of Princess Elsa smack-dab in a center.

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Of course, mommy-shamers had to hurt a impulse by slamming a mom of 3 for going opposite sleepy gender norms and putting her son in a dress. (Need we remind you, it’s 2017, people.) The comments, that were mostly homophobic, transphobic, and disgusting, indicted Fox of compelling homosexuality (as if that’s a bad thing) and corroborating with a hurtful government. (Not certain where they got that though OK.)

“No values. No morals. Promoting happy perversion. Destruction of normal gender roles lead to a total multitude extenuation supervision officials some-more power,” someone wrote.

Another added: “it is not fine for a child to travel around in their mother’s heels. Just like it’s NOT fine for a child to be disrespectful. So, again that’s when it’s a parent’s pursuit to indoctrinate a child in a RIGHT way.”

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Credit: Instagram | @the_native_tiger

While there were copiousness of ignorant trolls in a bunch, many comments were overwhelmingly positive, with a star’s supporters praising her for permitting her son to demonstrate himself however he likes. Fox, who is also mom to 3-year-old son Bodhi and 11-month-old son Journey, non-stop adult on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in 2016 about her despotic eremite domicile flourishing adult and how it shabby her as a parent.

“I grew adult in a Pentecostal household, it’s Southern Christian. Those are a people who hoop snakes. The women in a church are usually authorised to wear pants, we can’t wear dresses, we can’t wear makeup or jewelry, so it’s a unequivocally arrange of rough sourroundings to grow adult in,” she told Kimmel. “But we arrange of gaunt left of that now. The boys can wear dresses. Noah wears dresses so there are no rules—you can be whatever we wish to be in my house!”

Like Noah’s mania with “Frozen,” we’re totally here for Fox resplendent a light on gender noncomformity. The homophobic mommy-shamers, however, we don’t have any adore for.

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