‘Life of Kylie’ Premiere Recap: Kylie Jenner Goes to Prom, Wants to ‘Run Away’ From Fame

Keeping adult with Kylie! Kylie Jenner got genuine with how her luminary affects her and let fans see a genuine her on a array premiere of Life of Kylie on Sunday, Aug 6. She’s usually like Us, good kind of. One moment, she’s eating McDonald’s fries and articulate about shred her toes, though in a next, she’s struggling to find a private jet and stresses about not pushing her Lamborghini enough. Check out a 5 craziest things Kylie suggested during a show’s premiere on E!

Meet a Squad!

Kylie mostly Snapchats tons of cinema of a pointless organisation of people that seem to be with her 24/7. She rigourously introduced all of these informed faces, including her best crony and indication Jordyn Woods and her executive partner Victoria Villarroel Gamero. She also suggested that she met her makeup artist Ariel Winter by DMing him on Instagram, and a loyal talent behind her signature wigs is her hair stylist Tokyo Stylez. Her squad does all together, and they are a usually people Kylie feels 100 percent gentle around. “It’s tough to feel normal,” a existence TV star said. 

Prom Mayhem

Kylie wanted to live out her dreams of doing normal things by holding a pointless child to prom. Albert is a child Jordyn found who was bullied during propagandize and indispensable a date to a dance. Because Kylie was homeschooled, she never got to go to promenade and always felt left out, so she felt for Albert.

“I have a soothing mark for a wandering given we was a outcast,” Kylie said.

Albert was vehement and visibly shaken to have substantially a many renouned date during a dance. When they arrived, Kylie’s try during a normal knowledge went down a tubes. Everyone was holding photos of her and screaming, so they had to suffer a dance from a private balcony.

“Kim always pronounced this is what she’s done for, we know, and we honour that, though it’s usually tough to do normal things when each singular chairman knows who we are,” Kylie said. “It reminds me that I’m Kylie f–king Jenner.”

The whole propagandize did intone Albert’s name, that Kylie pronounced was “iconic.” It was unequivocally an surprising promenade experience, though one Albert will remember forever. 

Friends Forever!

Jordyn is prepared for a relationship, though frightened to date as she’s disturbed guys will usually wish her given she’s Kylie’s best friend. However, Kylie set adult a blind date that she was certain would be ideal for Jordy.

“He is cuter than any man I’ve ever dated,” Kylie said. Do we need some ice for that burn, Tyga?

But Kylie wasn’t going to let Jordyn go on this date alone, so she gave her BFF an earpiece so she could pronounce to her and hear all that was happening. It all sounded like a good idea, though Kylie was constantly enormous jokes to her friend, generally when Jordyn told her date she had dual best friends.

“Who a f–k is a second one?” Kylie said. “You have one f–king friend.”

She also done Jordyn leave a date early given she was bored.

“I feel like I’m in a full attribute with her,” Jordyn after admitted. “She’s a needy girlfriend.” You can contend that again. 

Losing Herself

Kylie motionless to go to therapy to get an outward opinion about her feelings. She told a therapist she unequivocally usually posts on amicable media to “stay relevant” and foster her makeup brand, though it mostly becomes too most for her.

“I unequivocally don’t know what it’s like to not have everybody know who we am,” Kylie pronounced about being on camera given she was 9 years old. She also pronounced that amicable media and online bullying done her unequivocally clever about what she posts.

“I consider we mislaid a lot of tools of myself,” Kylie said, referring to her nonsensical side that usually her friends and family get to see. We skip that Kylie, too!

Running Away

Jordyn could tell Kylie was feeling off after a event and motionless to try to do another normal thing — go to a beach. Albeit, they went during midnight to equivocate a crowd, though they still got to travel (or Heely, in Kylie’s case) on a beach in sweats. The laid-back vibe authorised Kylie to feel gentle adequate to unequivocally open adult to her friend.

“I usually feel like this luminary thing is going to come to an finish earlier than we think,” Kylie said. “I usually wish to run away. we usually don’t know who I’m doing it for.”

Tell Us: Do we feel contemptible for Kylie being so famous? 

Life of Kylie front on E! Sundays during 9 p.m. ET.

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