Jimmy Kimmel Reads Hilarious Mean Tweets From Donald Trump’s Supporters: Watch!

That’s got to hurt! Jimmy Kimmel hold his possess while reading meant comments from President Donald Trump’s supporters destined during him.

“Last night on a show, if we missed it, we had a summary for those who voted for Donald Trump. we explained that we accepted since they did it, though speedy them who low down demeanour behind and feel like they done a mistake to only acknowledge it and pierce on, and we have to contend we consider it competence have worked. we unequivocally consider we done a breakthrough and we bottom that on a courteous responses that we got on Twitter and Facebook,” a late-night host, 49, joked during a shred of Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday, Aug 16.

Kimmel afterwards common some of a comments he received. “Why don’t we go somewhere like a opposite nation if we don’t like a boss and stop your great on tv snowflake,” one of a business mogul’s supporters quipped on Twitter. Added another on a amicable networking site: “Jimmy give me a mangle Jimmy. Nobody cares what we consider we sound like a fussy baby does Baby Jimmy wish his bottle.”

“I hatred em all tbh though if you’re down for some mind narcotic slow-down we theory jimmykimmel has got that down pact,” nonetheless another dissapoint Trump loyalist tweeted during a host.

Kimmel afterwards changed on to Facebook, though a remarks were no reduction kind. “Jimmy Kimmel reminds me of a wandering small child during a amicable gathering. Where a ruin is this kid’s relatives they should be arrested for giving birth to him!” wrote one woman.

Kimmel kept a true face as he review another criticism from a male named James who alleged, “Stupid Kimmel, as distant as I’m concerned, is a extremist compelling racism.”

Earlier this week, Kimmel and associate late-night hosts Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert addressed Trump’s greeting to a Charlottesville assault in that he pronounced that “many sides” were to censure for a incident, including “alt-left” groups who were “very, really violent.” 

In his opening digression on Tuesday, Aug 15, Kimmel challenged a hotel magnate’s supporters to acknowledge that they done a mistake in voting for him. “First of all — we wish to contend we get it. we indeed do. You were unfortunate with a approach things were going. You wanted someone to come in and shake things up,” he said. “But you’ve been perplexing to omit it — since we don’t wish to acknowledge that these smug, irritating liberals were right. It’s a las thing we wish to do. But a law is, low down inside we know we done a mistake.”

Watch a full shave above to see how a Boss Baby star responded to a final comment!

Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs on ABC weeknights during 11:35 p.m. ET.

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