In New *mother!* Trailer, It’s Jennifer Lawrence vs. Michelle Pfeiffer

A creepy teaser trailer, those cryptic posters and some pledge sleuthing has left us with a lot of thought about Darren Aronofsky’s new film mother!, though a initial trailer finally gives us some some-more petrify clues. We are very, unequivocally happy to report, yes, this is a film where Michelle Pfeiffer terrorizes a ruin out of Jennifer Lawrence that we all personally wanted.

The trailer opens with Lawrence and Javier Bardem as a integrate in adore and in a center of a unfair stylish restoration of their dream house, that is in a isolated countryside. “I wanna make a paradise,” says Lawrence. “She redid all of it,” says Bardem. “Every final detail.” Frankly, it’s all unequivocally HGTV until Lawrence spots a small bit of blood on a rug. Some bar soda should get that out, though that turns out to be a slightest of her problems once Ed Harris shows up. Bardem’s impression motionless to let him stay over, notwithstanding Lawrence’s objection, and afterwards a subsequent morning his wife, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, shows up, and things start to get unequivocally creepy, as evidenced by an unsettling glance down between a dual actresses. It is a initial of many ominous glances Pfeiffer gives Lawrence over a march of a comparatively brief trailer.

Meanwhile, Bardem seems to let Harris and Pfeiffer’s characters entice some-more and some-more people into their house. It’s like he assimilated a cult, though instead of using divided he’s only motionless to let them stay in a additional bedrooms.

Poor Jennifer Lawrence’s character. All she wanted to do was redesign a home in a country, make her father happy, and (we assume) maybe get photos of a home published on some interior pattern website.

Instead, her father has incited her pleasing home into some arrange of bed and breakfast for a Heaven’s Gate and Children of a Corn set, and she’s got Michelle Pfeiffer, giving one of her many chilling performances given Catwoman, giving her a immorality eye each second.

Kristen Wiig and Brendan and Domhnall Gleeson also seem in a film, though not a trailer. So no word on how they fit into all of this.

Though, today’s trailer also came with this, another creepy poster:

mother! will premier on Sep 15th.

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