‘Happy Endings’ Cast ‘Remain Hopeful’ for a Revival, Casey Wilson Says

Ah-mazing! The expel of Happy Endings is down for a revival, star Casey Wilson exclusively tells Us Weekly.

“I wish! There’s always pronounce about it though there never seems to come together,” Wilson, 36, told Us. “The expel is so tighten and we all sojourn hopeful. And we wish that if it ever happens it would be not before too prolonged before it got too weird.”

The comedy, formed on 6 dysfunctional best friends vital in Chicago, was cancelled by ABC after 3 seasons in 2013. Wilson played Penny in a dear sitcom and starred alongside Eliza Coupe (Jane), Elisha Cuthbert (Alex), Zachary Knighton (Dave), Adam Pally (Max) and Damon Wayans Jr. (Brad).

Wilson pronounced that it “would be a dream” to get a squad to reunite onscreen again. “We did a live reading for gift final year and it was so many fun to get behind together,” she told Us. “People who have seen it unequivocally adore it, though some people didn’t even see it. And we hatred those people. No, I’m only kidding!”

Penny, a destroyed romantic, had copiousness of noted moments on a series. She once simulated to be a hipster, could magically pronounce Italian when she got drunk, became shocked of Jane when they took a self-defense category and carried Max as her baby during a Halloween bash. For Wilson, devising Penny as a mom in a benefaction day is, well, a “scary” prospect.

“I feel like in some alter-universe Penny is a mom with Max, Adam Pally’s character. we fear for a child — a turn of complacency and indolence that Penny would move to a list as a mother,” Wilson joked to Us. “I’m certain she’s unequivocally loving, though she’s positively self-centered. we would be a small terrified.”

Check out a rest of Wilson’s QA in a Now and Then series:

US WEEKLY: Did we and your now husband, creator David Caspe, keep it a tip that we were dating while filming?

CASEY WILSON: We did! We did. We started dating after a initial deteriorate in a summer and so we unequivocally kept it so sly and afterwards when we finally told everyone, everybody was like, ‘Of march we knew. Who cares and we’re adults. We’re fundamentally blissful we finally found someone!’ That was their opinion to me. It’s not a UN. we don’t consider anyone was frightened or it was scandalous.

US: Has he suspicion of any new story lines he would adore a characters do if a uncover ever came back?

CW: The writers all collaborated again and they did a humorous opening for this part they wrote for a destiny that we performed. It non-stop with Penny with a father and kids in a kitchen and it’s like, ‘Wow, Penny unequivocally has her life together. She is married and she has kids.’ And afterwards they lift behind and comprehend that Penny was only in a Williams-Sonoma demo kitchen and zero has changed. But we consider all of a story lines would find many of a characters — those 6 don’t seem able of change.

US: Did we have a favorite stage or episode?

CW: Oh my gosh, so many. we desired a part where Pally and we became dependant to Nochetussin, that is what we had to use instead of NyQuil since we couldn’t transparent NyQuil. This is formed off my sister-in-law. She used to take NyQuil midday if she was dating someone and indispensable to content them though didn’t wish to seem so desperate. So she would take that, pass out and afterwards keep her energy in a morning. God magnify her, she’s hilarious. She used to do that in college so my father put it in a show.

US: Did we take any props home with you?

CW: No, and we should have, we should have. we wanted to take a parrot from this whole part [“Fowl Play/Date”] we did with Damon Wayans Jr. where we killed Elisha Cuthbert’s parrot, though afterwards we was like, ‘What am we going to do with a pressed parrot?’ Then we came to my senses.

US: Who are we a closest with from a cast?

CW: we would contend Pally and we are substantially a closest though we content with all of them. we was only texting with Eliza and indeed only spoke with Elisha yesterday and everybody is in any other’s lives wishing everybody so many adore and success. we consider everybody only misses everyone.

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