‘Catfish’ Recap: Apr Ditches Dean for Another Man After Discovering He’s Homeless

Twist after twist! Nev Schulman and Max Joseph teamed adult to assistance April from Utah reconnect with her Houdini-esque online beau, Dean, on a Wednesday, Jul 12, part of Catfish and a finale repelled us to a core!

Online Dating Since They Were 13

The part kicked off with Apr revelation she started articulate to her on-again, off-again online boo, Dean, on a site called Teen Chat when she was only 13. Since afterwards a dual would typically rivet in six-hour-long phone calls, joining deeply and even observant a L word — that is, until Dean started disappearing.

Dean Talked to Other Girls, Sharing a Same Story He Told April

April felt Dean wasn’t being honest with her — generally deliberation he ghosted on her and refused to accommodate adult time after time. As Nev and Max attempted to get to a bottom of it, Nev detected Dean’s sketchy Facebook participation and commented, “It feels fake.” Then, shockingly, a energetic twin came into hit with a lady named Zoey who suggested she had also been romantically related with Dean online. Zoey confessed, “He done me feel special” and also reliable that Dean confided in her about his mother’s genocide — a same story he told April.

Dean May Have Been Cheating on Apr With Many Other Girls

Nev now warned Zoey of Dean’s questionable settlement of behavior. “You’ve been carrying a accurate same attribute with Dean as another lady named April,” he said. “Who knows how many other girls he’s been doing this to.” Later, Nev delivered a potentially catastrophic Zoey bombshell to Apr saying, “Word for word, her knowledge matched yours.” Yikes. Apr responded with what was on all of a minds, “That’s kind of a dick move.”

Nev Warns Apr That Dean Is Likely Lying to Her

Then, to everyone’s surprise, a group was contacted by Dean around a content on his roommate’s phone observant they should conduct down to Texas and accommodate up. Before they headed to Dallas, Nev warned April, “I consider it’s flattering protected to assume during this indicate that we are not removing a full truth.”

Dean Was Telling a Truth: He’s Homeless With No Cell Phone

When Dean finally appeared, Apr was met with a startle of a century: Dean was indeed a male in his cinema — an MTV Catfish rarity! Nev even commented, “You’re you, that is a warn for us.” Dean explained that he’d been so tough to accommodate adult with due to “nerves” and since he “didn’t know if [April] would like me or not.” We also detected that his miss of a dungeon phone wasn’t a distortion and he truly was homeless during a benefaction time, crashing on his friend’s cot until he got his “life underneath control.”

Dean Denies Talking to Other Girls

When Max asked about a “other girls” he’d been articulate to, Dean simplified observant “those are only friends.” A really convincing explanation, indeed! Dean explained to Apr that he didn’t wish to pierce her into his life while he was operative on himself — an bid that enclosed removing his driver’s license.

April and Dean Decide to Work It Out

April told Dean she was “pretty mad” during him for all a disappearances, adding, “This needs to turn some-more of a mature relationship.” Dean concluded and a dual of them motionless to pierce forward, giving it their all! Dean melted a hearts when he said, “I’ve never connected with somebody like we have with April.”

Two Months Later, Apr Moves On to Another Guy

We were repelled to find out that a apparently happy integrate had separate during Nev and Max’s two-month check-in. Apr clarified, “I’m kind of in a relationship.” Uh-oh. When it came to Dean, she admitted, “We’re still tighten friends. We still speak and gossip. … I’ve told them about any other. … He was kind of unhappy though he was happy that we found someone.” Sounds like she changed on fast!

Tell Us: What did we consider of Apr withdrawal Dean for another man?

Catfish front on MTV Wednesdays during 10 p.m. ET.

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