Wine to Go: Summer’s Best Cans, Cartons, and Twist-Offs—No Corkscrew Required


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Now that we’ve skipped open and left true to summer, we can get busy planning our favorite warm-weather pastime: outside drinking. There’s nothing better than chilling in a park, at a beach, or on a roof, solely maybe chilling in a park, at a beach, or on a roof with some ice-cold vino to go along with our snacks, grilling, music, or weed.

The problem: Not each bottle is combined equal, and many aren’t exactly outdoor-friendly (hand adult if you’ve brought a cat-like splash or booze bottle to a park, usually to comprehend we forgot a opener), so we motionless to do the hard work of researching and taste-testing a best wines to go for you. And we got submit from pros, including Michelle Biscieglia, booze executive of NYC’s popular Blue Hill restaurant, and Trisha Antonsen, arch cocktail officer of Drizly, an online ethanol smoothness service.

Below, check out a reviews of the newest wines that don’t need a corkscrew:


Tom Medvedich


Sofia Blanc de Blanc Minis ($20 for four)
A product of iconic executive Francis Ford Coppola’s Los Angeles Winery, a Sofia Minis are touted on a winery’s website for their zesty and lovely taste. Indeed, a editors were fans, observant it would be “excellent with a good fish,” and “great for celebration on a DL.”

Barefoot Refresh Crisp White Spritzer ($8.99 for four)
When we got a representation announcing a attainment of a new canned spritzer to a booze market, we had to try it—especially given it was described as a “flavorful, light, and lively.” Try it we did, and while it was positively flavorful, some editors found it a bit on a sugary side. If you’re a fan of sweet, bottoms up; otherwise, we competence wish to save this for an after-dinner drink, as one editor suggested.

Underwood Pinot Noir ($28 for four)
This canned code had a good repute from Reddit booze drinkers, so we took it for a spin. It’s described as carrying records of cherries, raspberries, and chocolate, and while I’m not certain any of us rescued anything utterly so subtle, we all concluded this red was well-spoken and yummy.

Pampelonne Rosé Lime ($20 for four)
Pampelonne’s product tagline is “low calorie stimulating wines” that are “easily accessible, conveniently chic, low calorie and low in sugar.” We won’t remonstrate that a wrapping is lovable (in a Lilly Pulitzer arrange of way), yet we found a 110-calorie muscadet reduction scarcely undrinkable in a sweetness. “It’s like wine-flavored soda,” celebrated one editor. Again, sugarine fans, gulp all we want, yet if we cite your booze dry, skip this one.

Lila Pinot Grigio ($15.99 for four)
Another newish canned booze brand, Lila comes in bright, punchy colors, and a pinot grigio lived adult to a outline of being mellow and fruity. We all found it rarely drinkable, and likened it to a “solid house wine during a bar.” For $4 a can, we can get behind that.

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Tom Medvedich


Bandit Cabernet Sauvignon ($6 per 500ml carton)
My internal Brooklyn booze store owners concluded that Bandit, another Reddit drinker favorite, is one of a improved boxed brands out there. We concur: One editor summed it adult as “good, fruity, yet not too sweet.” Definitely picnicable.

Maison Cubi Rosé ($12.99 per 1L carton)
From a vineyard in the Côtes de Provence, this rosé promises aromas of apricot, peach, and strawberries, along with a ideal change of acidity. We were all really into it—one editor even took it home to finish later.

From a Tank Rosé ($29 per 3L box)
Born out of a partnership between dual French winemakers, this wine was an editor favorite. People called it “tart and drinkable,” and “light and crisp.” Bonus: It’s lightweight for schlepping to celebration locations, and a vacuum-sealed container keeps a booze uninformed for a month after you’ve non-stop it.

Fuori Strada Grillo ($14 per 1L carton)
Made from grapes harvested in Sicily that are pronounced to have been a same kind used in one of Julius Caesar’s favorite wines, this white is described as carrying aromas of citrus liking and a spirit of wildflowers. Sounds sophisticated, right? Not exactly. One editor indeed described it as “childish-tasting,” while another pronounced it was only kind of meh. Sorry, Caesar.

Bota Box Mini Chardonnay ($5.99 per 500ml carton)
This medium-bodied chardonnay—which Antonsen loves for a preference and versatility—offers aromas of citrus, developed melon, and comfortable toasty oak. Again, not certain any of a editors’ palettes are polished adequate to heed such things, however, we did find it to be solid, easy to drink, and not too sweet. Dry white fans, try this one.

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Tom Medvedich


Domane Wachau Gruner Veltliner ($17.99)
Antonsen considers this a ideal dry and lovely summer white, pronounced to be sourced from grapes from a Austrian hollow of Wachau. We all found this white to be tasty and high-quality tasting—as it should be for $18 (though, let’s be real, that’s still reduction than what dual eyeglasses of booze costs we during a bar in many cities).

Casal Garcia White ($9)
The bill bottle of a twist-off bunch, my wine-store-owner crony pronounced this wine is super-popular during a summer with Brooklynites. Now we know why: It’s honeyed (but not too), only fizzy enough, and true yummy.

Barrymore by Carmel Road Rosé of Pinot Noir ($17.99)
We like Drew Barrymore, so we wanted to like a wine-enthusiast-turned-maker’s new limited-production rosé. Barrymore pronounced it would be lovely and ideal for sharing, and we can’t disagree. Two editors called it “good and smooth,” while one with a some-more worldly booze palette remarkable a “nice minerally taste.”

Mantlerhof Lossterrassen Gruner Veltliner ($20)
This white is a bottle to splurge on. A favorite of Biscieglia’s, she says it’s uninformed and peppery—perfect for pairing with veggies or cheese during a picnic. Everyone on a staff also favourite it, and a conform editor remarkable that she’s used it to stir relatives before since of its “sophistication and ability to span good with food.” Done and done.

Be Bordo Cabernet Sauvignon ($11.99)
A press recover told us we could design this French code that recently launched a Bordeaux in a US to be “medium-bodied with intense, low flavors and a spirit of spiciness.” Nailed it: We editors favourite it; to us it tasted tart, spicy, and dry—all in a good way.

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