Why Your Hair Stops Growing: Experts Explain How to Revive Your Hair

At one indicate or another, all of us have looked in a counterpart and thought, “Ugh, since a ruin won’t my hair grow?” —but can hair unequivocally stop growing, or is it all in a quadriplegic minds?

While it’s loyal that your hair substantially hasn’t stopped flourishing altogether, there are some factors that can delayed a expansion or make it seem like a expansion has been stunted. We checked in with experts and they gave us this master info, as good as some tips on how to assistance things along.

Are we removing trims mostly enough?

“Some women try to hang on to as many length as probable by avoiding haircuts, and nonetheless they benefit no length,” says Shab Aghajani, Roy Teeluck Salon stylist. “We all have a limit length our hair can strech according to a stream regime. This is where your ends simply start to mangle instead of continue to sojourn clever and healthy. Until we change your existent habits and products used on your hair, zero will change about your hair. Trim a separate ends, use thermal insurance and protected thermal tools, and use a right hair mask and diagnosis to uphold your hair, since clearly you’ve plateaued and zero will change unless we make some changes yourself!”

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Whether we have pinpointed it or not, we all have an sold hair cycle expansion proviso in that their hair has intensity to strech a longest. This is a limit length that hair could presumably strech though being cut or damaged.

“This does not meant that hair always stops flourishing once it reaches a specific length, though once a certain volume of time has passed. The expansion proviso is mostly dynamic by genetics and typically lasts between dual and 6 years,” says Dr. James C. Marotta, cosmetic surgeon and hair replacement specialist.


Aging brings with it a horde of life complications, not a slightest of all is a hair. As we get older, chances are a hair is weaker. Years of feverishness styling and splotch can build adult to emanate vital damage.

“Studies have shown that a biology of hair can change, and a expansion theatre might shorten. This means that hair could start shedding faster, creation it seem thinner and shorter,” says Dr. Marotta. “For instance, if we have a five-year anagen (growing) period, a singular strand of hair will continue flourishing for 5 years before it will go into ‘resting’ phase. However, as we get older, a anagen proviso is famous to shorten, definition hair will grow for reduction time before it enters a resting proviso and eventually sheds to make room for new (short) strands. Additionally, oil prolongation on a scalp mostly starts to delayed down after age 45, so hair might be reduction hydrated and seem coarser, creation it some-more receptive to repairs and breakage.”


Sorry to mangle it to we all: Your hair might seem to be not growing, though in reality, it could be violation once it reaches a certain length. Showering, brushing, styling, and splotch hair can all lead to vital separate ends and breakage. Handling hair too roughly, regulating unclosed hair elastics, and brushing too mostly can means dryness and brittleness. Bleaching and chemical processes can means hair to be overprocessed and remove agility and moisture.

“Since hair grows about half an in. any month, if it is stability to mangle off during about that same rate, we will see small to no growth,” says Dr. Marotta.

See Your Doctor

When hair appears to stop flourishing it can be intensely stressful. “I always suggest a outing to a alloy to order out allergies, dermatitis, hormonal disorders such as hyper thyroid, and ubiquitous health issues,” says Stephanie Scuoppo of The Salon and Spa during Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City.

The many common means of hair thinning in women is a patrimonial condition called androgenetic alopecia or female-pattern baldness.

“It is called a ‘pattern’ as this form of hair thinning develops in patterns from a communication between genetics and hormonal factors when certain sex hormones trigger a sold settlement of permanent hair thinning in genetically receptive people,” says Dr. Lars Skjøth, owner of a Harklinikken Hair Restoration Clinic. “This formula in hair changing a characteristics. It grows slower and becomes drier and some-more dull/brittle as any strand becomes thinner and thinner.”


Diet and vitamin deficiencies can spell critical hair drama.

“It is critical to have a correct levels of ferritin, zinc, and vitamin B12 to say fascinating hair length and quality,” says Dr. Marotta. “Adequate iron and protein are required for hair strength and to forestall brittleness and breakage. A miss of ferritin can means hair to pierce out of a flourishing proviso and to strew too quickly. An overactive or underneath active thyroid has also been shown to have an outcome on hair growth.”

Skin Conditions of a Scalp

A some-more critical and singular issue, though an diseased scalp can means inflammation that creates it formidable for hair to grow. Skin conditions that lead to hair detriment and miss of expansion embody seborrheic rash (dandruff), psoriasis, and fungal infections such as ringworm.

Change Your Hair Routine

Stack a contingency in your preference by switching adult your hair caring for a better. Decrease a chemicals and heat. Try to not make it worse by styling, coloring, or bleaching, and go easy on a hair dryer and prosaic iron.

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Originally published Jan 2014. Updated May 2017. 

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