5 So-Pretty Braided Hairstyles You Can Do on Curly Hair

Unless you’re a 15-fingered hair theorist with an affinity for difficult weaves and knots, you’ll substantially determine with us when we contend that braiding is hard. Not tough on a scale of one to performing-actual-open-heart-surgery, though really harder than throwing your hair into a topknot. And when we supplement tight, tangled curls to a mix? Well, let’s only contend we give we full accede to give adult and go behind to bed.

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Or, during slightest that’s what we formerly thought. But after examination a ton of a favorite curly-haired beauty bloggers expertly navigate their approach by climax braids, double-French braids, and even some three-tiered braided updos, we would like to contend that were totally and totally wrong, and would like to see braids and curly hair live a long, agreeable life together forever. And to get we in on this adore fest, we pulled a 5 coolest, prettiest plat tutorials we can indeed do on curly hair, below. Watch them, tumble in adore with them, and afterwards immediately come behind here with cinema of your new braids.

braided hairstyles

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Double French Braids

If you’re new to a braiding game, even something as elementary as French braids can seem severe on curly hair. But trust us—these three-strand braids are surprisingly easy.


Double-Braided Puff

Two parsimonious side braids and a whole garland of baby bantu knots give clarification and volume to this old-school style.


Halo Braid

An inverted Dutch plat wrapped along a hairline and into a round around a climax of your hair gives a Halo-like outcome to this basic-seeming braid.


Triple-Layered Updo

This insanely flattering updo looks sculpturesque, though is indeed a outcome of mixed two-strand twists and braids wrapped and pinned together.


Hairline-Braided Bun

Contrast dual tight, sharp braids with a huge, saturated disaster of curls for a ideal low-key updo.


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