10 Things You Absolutely Need to Know Before Getting a Spray Tan

Warmer continue means reduction clothing, that means more skin on display—and for some people, that means a healthy tan is in sequence so as to equivocate resplendent like a dim guide when unprotected to a light of day. But it’s 2017, folks, and we all know that baking a skin for genuine is out and a feign tan is in—and we’ve go copiousness of mist tan tips.

There are a few other means of removing some color—easy at-home self-tanner, for one—which can be effective though runs a risk of branch your skin (and sheets) orange. Spray tanning is really where it is at.

Here, 10 mist tan tips you must know before we bound in that mist tan booth. (Number 11 goes unsaid, though for a adore of god, don’t forget to put on a goggles.)

Spray tans final about a week, give or take

This can change from chairman to person, though they typically final about 5-7 days from one application.

Shower and skin before we tan

Use a physique dumpy conduct to toe to slough divided any dry, flaky skin before we get a mist tan so that a colouring will belong uniformly for a many even formula (as in, slightest streaky).

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The tone won’t only rinse off

The colouring that mist tans leave behind is meant to solemnly blur as your tip covering of skin regenerates, so it’s not a kind of thing we can only dumpy off. That’s given it’s means to final adult to a week—and given we should proceed with counsel to make certain we won’t be stuck looking unnaturally tan for a full 7 days.

Apply unguent each day

Keeping your newly dark-skinned skin hydrated is a best approach to make a tone final longer, given it won’t dry out and need to be exfoliated prematurely.

It’ll get darker after application

Similarly to customary self-tanner, mist tans will get darker from a time they’re practical and as a day progresses. The tone takes a small while to entirely develop, so don’t be dumbfounded if we leave feeling like it’s too light—it won’t be for long.

Pat, don’t rub, your skin dry

To safety your tan, pat yourself dry rather than scour with a towel after removing out of a shower. The thought is to not skin for as prolonged as probable so that we don’t slough off a tan. Avoid regulating loofahs or counterfeit washcloths for a same reason.

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Wear spike polish

Even if it’s zero some-more than a transparent coat, wearing gloss into a counter will assistance to strengthen your nails from a mist tan. If we do have a full manicure, don’t worry about it removing ruined—your nails will be wiped off afterwards.

Think about your showering suit

While many people confirm to get a mist tan while wearing zero (no tan lines!), if we do wear a showering suit, wear an aged one we don’t mind ruining, given a tan can mark the fabric.

Apply separator cream

Naturally drier areas of the skin, like a elbows, ankles, and knees, will catch some-more pigment, so always request a protecting separator cream before a tan so that they don’t go too dark. Most mist tan salons will yield a cream for use, so make certain we don’t skip it.

Look for a bonus deal

Spray tanning can be expensive, though copiousness of salons will offer deals on sites like Groupon and LivingSocial—if you’re distressed about a routine though still wish to give it a shot, during slightest make certain you’re not profitable out a nose for your initial time.

Originally published Jul 2016. Updated Jun 2017.

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